Total Factor Productivity Toolbox and two accompanying Working Papers are available to download. The first one describes the toolbox and how to use it. The second one discusses the underlying theory associated to quantity-only and price-based productivity indices:

Total Factor Productivity Toolbox:
The source code and all the examples are available to download from the following repository on GitHub:

Journal Paper (Toolbox):

Balk, B.M. & Barbero, J. & Zofío, J.L. (2020), A toolbox for calculating and decomposing Total Factor Productivity indices, Computers & Operations Research, Volume 115 (104853), 1-23.

Working Paper (Theory):

The Many Decompositions of Total Factor Productivity Change (Working Paper) [Link to IDEAS]

Note: the most recent version of the toolbox can be downloaded from the repository by clicking the “Download ZIP” button on the right, or clicking here